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How to Help Your Teens Achieve Their Dreams!

When teen-agers start taking completely responsibility for their lives, they take a giant step from being a child to being an adult.Like the rest of us, the more teen-agers accept responsibility, the more they are in control of their lives and the more confident they feel. And deciding what they want and working to achieve it is a key component to being a responsible person.I wrote DREAM Book for Teens to help teen-agers unleash the champions inside of themselves.  (Find out how to get your teen a DREAM Book here.) They have unlimited potential to be, do or have anything they want although right now they only are tapping into a fraction of what they are capable of. Dreams and goals will help them unlock this incredible potential if only they refuse to let circumstances, excuses, fear or limiting beliefs keep them from achieving those dreams and goals.It takes a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, discipline and persistence. It involves of investment of their times – to properly define their dreams, set their goals and work their plan. In short, it takes commitment.My questions for your teens: What is their dream? What do they want to achieve in the future?My message to your teens: I’ve never found a better way to achieve dreams and goals than by using a Dream Book. It will take you step-by-step through a simple process that virtually guarantees you will accomplish your goals if you will just put the information into action.When you fill out your Dream Book and specifically define your dreams and goals, it’s like magic. Good things will start happening right before your eyes. And as you make the journey to your dream life, your Dream Book with become one of the most valuable resources you have. It will be the one place where you can find everything you need to help you accomplish your goals and live your dreams.The best thing about The Dream Book for Teens is that it is simple to use. All you have to do is follow the pattern by filling in the blanks. The key to making The Dream Book for Teens work is to just do it! And the more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the more success you will achieve.

Make a Commitment

Are you serious about achieving all that you want to accomplish in life?Then you’re going to have to make a commitment – a commitment to yourself – to take the steps necessary to get there. Achieving your dreams and goals is simple, but it’s certainly not easy. It will take a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, discipline and persistence. It will require that you keep a positive attitude and that you grow personally and professionally.And, it will involve some time … it takes time to properly define your dreams and set your goals. Your greatest responsibility to yourself, your family and your career is to invest whatever time is required to become totally clear about your dreams and goals and how you’re going to achieve them. But remember that a relatively small investment of time now will produce big payoffs as your dreams become reality.Perhaps you’re hesitant to commit to your dreams and goals because deep down you don’t truly believe you can accomplish them. I will prove to you that you can. Think about some of your most significant life accomplishments, things that were once just dreams or thoughts in your mind. These could be such things as getting married, graduating from college, buying a home or getting a job in a certain profession. Perhaps your accomplishments include having children, buying a sports car, achieving a promotion or award, earning or saving a certain amount of money or taking a “dream” vacation.Now, write down five of your biggest accomplishments.What do you think? Are you surprised at what you’ve accomplished? Most people tend to forget about ordiscount all the things they’ve achieved. I’d be willing to bet there was a point in time when you didn’t believe you could accomplish some of these things … but you did! You achieved them because you committed to them and focused on them until they became real. Listing these previous dreams and goals that you’ve accomplished opens your mind to the belief that you can accomplish the dreams and goals you set for your future.

The Keys to Your Destiny

Most people who want to have more control over their lives simply don’t know how to make it happen.

They feel pushed down the whitewater rapids of life without any paddle to steer them or a map to guide them.The solution is fairly straightforward.The first step to taking control of your life is to accept complete responsibility for where you’re at right now, how you got here, and where you’re going in the future. I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will never achieve lasting success if you don’t take responsibility for yourself and your life.When I set my initial dreams and goals, I realized that no one was going to help me achieve them unless I helped myself first. If I was going to live my dreams, it had to start with me – my attitude, my thoughts, my actions.I discovered this is the same type of realization that all successful people come to eventually. They reach a turning point in their lives when they recognize that they are the only ones who can take control of their future. Sadly, there are countless people who spend their lives feeling sorry for themselves, blaming others for where they’re at in life and what they don’t have. These people allow past events and circumstances to dictate today’s actions.You must realize that you are the greatest determining factor in your future and that today’s actions equal tomorrow’s results. Where you’re going in life is a product of your attitude, beliefs, thoughts, actions and reactions to the challenges you face. The good news is that the more you accept responsibility for your life, the more powerful and confident you feel. Why? Because you’re in control! When you decide to stop blaming others and stop accepting your own excuses, you will see that you can create the future you desire.Clarifying your dreams, setting goals and developing a plan to achieve them puts you in control. This process becomes the navigation system for your future. When you put your dreams and goals in writing, you immediately begin to steer your life in the direction you want to go. As you move toward your goals, you become more energized and more confident in yourself and your abilities. Every step you take increases your belief that you can achieve your goals and live your dreams. 

The Yellow Brick Road of Achieving

Why do 95 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions never follow through?The reason is that most people don’t know how to produce lasting results, so they never take the first step. Many people also make the mistake of over-complicating goal setting. The more complicated the process, the less likely it will be used.That’s why I created a simple system to share in The Dream Book. Follow the pattern, fill in the blanks and complete the forms, and you will unconsciously program your built-in success mechanism. The human success mechanism is similar to a navigation system in an automobile. The more input you give it, the faster you will reach your destination.Do whatever it takes, invest whatever time is necessary to learn these and apply them in your life. The extra time spent up front will save you years in the accomplishment of your dreams and goals.This is a proven method for personal achievement in seven simple steps:Step 1: Take control of your lifeStep 2: Design your futureStep 3: Clarify your goals for accelerated resultsStep 4: Create momentum with a planStep 5: Picture your dream lifeStep 6: Build your beliefStep 7: Claim victoryEach step will move you closer to the results you desire. (The Dream Book guides you through the process of establishing clear, concise goals and putting them in writing.) You’ll discover why you’re working for your dreams and goals. You’ll set target dates and develop a plan for achieving each goal.The process will build your belief and your dreams and make them real in your mind.

The Pros and Cons of Your Career

It is said that Benjamin Franklin made decisions by taking a piece of paper and writing all the reasons to do something on one side and all the reasons not to do it on the other. Then he would evaluate both sides and make his decision based on the results. I challenge you to do the same. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, write everything you love about your career. On the other side, write everything you don’t like. Now, evaluate both sides.Most of the time, you will find more things that you like than dislike. But you can’t just look at the number of reasons on each side—you also have to evaluate the relative meaning and impact of each reason. For example, you might have three positives and five negatives. But the three positives may be huge, quality-of-life issues, whereas the five negatives are minor administrative headaches you could learn to live with. This exercise will help you discover what motivates and excites you. When you focus on the positives, the negatives will become insignificant. And as you focus on your likes, you will love what you do even more. The more you love what you do, the more you win.

You Gotta Love What You Do

Financial reasons weren’t the determining factors when I decided to stay in sales. After carefully evaluating what I liked—and didn’t like—about this kind of work, I found this is the best profession for me because there are more things about it that I like than dislike.I love the fact that I have the opportunity to meet so many different people. I also love that I can set my own hours, determine my income, and have unlimited potential to advance. To me, sales means freedom!To achieve the highest level of success and perform at your peak ability, you gotta love what you do. Otherwise, you will become easily sidetracked. You won’t stick with it through the inevitable tough times, and you won’t consistently take the actions necessary to succeed.If you don’t love what you do, you have two choices: You can either change what you do, or you can change what you love. Oftentimes, you’ll be better off figuring out what you love about what you do than changing careers.Why?Because no matter what you do, you’ll always be able to find something you don’t like about it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not the right career for you.