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The Best Part of Winning

The best part about winning is realizing that even when you do win, the game isn’t over. Instead, winning just means you can step back for a moment, enjoy the season, regenerate yourself, and start a new game with new goals and a different set of challenges. Success merely changes the game.


Determined to Succeed

If deep down inside you are absolutely determined to succeed … nothing can stop you. But your commitment has to be real. It’s easy to be committed when things are going well; the real test comes when things aren’t going so well and you’re faced with challenges and obstacles. If you are committed, you will see challenges as speed bumps and you will use every setback as an opportunity for an even bigger and better comeback.


Fear No More!

One of the great tragedies of life is that so many people never take the first step toward their dream life because they convince themselves that failure is certain. Their fear is so great that they sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. There are literally millions of unsung songs, unwritten books and billion-dollar ideas buried in graveyards because people couldn’t overcome their fears.

The top achievers have fears just like the rest of us. The difference is that they develop the courage to face their fears and move forward with faith. Of the many famous quotes about courage, one of my favorites is this one by John Wayne: “Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.”

Or, as Nike says…”Just Do It.”


Clarity , Power and Execution!

Clarity is power. The clearer you are about what you want, the greater your chances of achieving it. Your dreams may start out as nothing more than a foggy notion or general idea. But as you continue to visualize it, it becomes more clear and defined. The mental fog starts to move away and the sun brings clarity and light to your ideas.

As your dreams begin to take shape, it’s time to turn them into goals and get them down on paper. This step is crucial, because if you’re not willing to write them down, quite
honestly, they are nothing more than a wish, hope or idea. Take a few minutes to jot down what you would like to see happen within your business, organization, family or life in the future.

Once you are clear and focused you will start to say, do act and react in ways to bring them about. You will wake up early and stay up late with a burning desire and passion to make them happen. You will also find that you start to achieve results with more speed and precision than you ever thought possible. 


Fear to Faith

Your No. 1 enemy to achieving your dreams is fear. Fear is all about negative anticipation and the uncertainty of the future. We tend to dwell on worst-case scenarios and spend our time trying to avoid them. But when we focus on our fears, we eventually end up right in the middle of the situations we most want to avoid. Fear conditions us to give up on our dreams vision and live a life of distraction rather than satisfaction

Solution? Face your fears with faith and your doubts with determination. When you make a habit of facing your fears head on you will become stronger, your confidence will grow and your fears will disappear.


Trigger Your Belief System?

Your ability to motivate yourself depends directly on your belief system. People who are unmotivated are essentially negative thinkers who believe deep down that is it impossible to achieve success. But a motivated person’s work ethic is strong because they actually believe that achieving a positive end result is possible.

For example, salespeople who believe that prospects are not going to buy their product or  service will not be motivated to makes sales calls. Their success is sabotaged from the outset. On the other hand, the salesperson who fully expects prospects to buy whatever they are selling will be motivated to do the work to make it happen.





Intentional Motivation

Motivation is the key difference between those who create success and those who experience failure. But even top performers struggle with being unmotivated occasionally.

To maintain lasting motivation we must be intentional. We must learn to recognize when we are unmotivated and then intentionally force ourselves to do the things that will motivate us. Even though we may not want to do these things, we must will ourselves to do them anyway. Why?

Because motivation comes from action. If you will just take action, you will get some results. These results will give the confidence to take more action and the cycle continues.

Once you develop the habit of being intentional with your consistent actions, motivation becomes a natural part of who you are. Can your motivation slip? You bet! But when you learn how to motivate yourself, you will know exactly what to do to get back on track.

The bottom line is, taking massive and intentional action builds the motivation you need to carry you toward your ultimate goal.


Positive Visualization

Vivid mental pictures are as real to your subconscious mind as actual experiences. By visualizing positive results, you actually change your beliefs and develop confidence in your ability.

Positive visualization goes beyond simply reading your goals. It involves repeatedly imagining yourself achieving them with intense clarity and feeling. How will it feel to achieve that goal or become that person? What will it look like? If you will consistently focus on what you want, and take daily action, you will ultimately achieve the results you desire.


Expect Victory

Do you wake up thinking, “Poor me … nothing is going right in my world”? Or do you wake up with excitement and enthusiasm and expect victory? Top performers set their minds for victory, they set their mind for success.

This doesn’t happen automatically. You have to constantly tell yourself, “Today is a great day. New and exciting things are happening. Doors are opening for me.”   What we expect (good or bad) we usually get. Go out every day believing that success will come your way.


Live With Confidant Expectancy

You need to live with confidant expectancy. To accomplish this you have to make a decision to see beyond your current circumstances. You have to constantly and continually expect that things are going to get better. Look into the future and see yourself as successful, happy and enthusiastic. See things not as they are now, but as you want them to be. Develop a habit of focusing on your successes rather than your failures, on what you have instead of what you don’t have, on your talents instead of on your weaknesses. As you think, so it is created. As you believe, so it is done.