Replay from Powerhouse Panel (AMAZING TIPS)


One of the most powerful calls to date as we had a powerhouse panel last night sharing key tips, strategies and immediate hacks you can use to get better results in your business and career!! Also a snippet on their topics they will be sharing at the upcoming Brian Tracy 3 Day Weekend!

Go Listen Here

Vic Johnson

– How to Become the Celebrity Authority

Tom Ziglar

– What is the Fastest Way to Success

Howard Partridge

– Why Your Business Should be Designed to Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

Kim Somers

Egelsee – How to Love and Feel Great About Yourself

Ron White

– The Importance of Remembering Names, Faces and Notes

Seth Mosley

– How I Went From my Parents Basement to the Grammys by Age 27

Robert Helms

– How to Fund Your Dreams

Jeanette Ortega

– Fitness is a 3 Part Game – Mind, Body and Spirit

Delatorro McNeil

– 10 Step Formula to Crushing the Stage

Tim Cole

– Leadership and Team Building

Erika De

La Cruz – Understanding and Learning from Millennials

Nick Bradley

– Mindset of the Elite Golf Players

Kyle Wilson

– Wished You Had Seen Jim Rohn Live…Why I Do These Events!

Go Listen Here

Also we are just 2 weeks out from this Epic event. 3 Amazing Days hanging with Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy and all the people above – wow!!

The connections alone will be worth 10X the investment!

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance.

Reserve My Seat!

Hope to see you there!!

Billy Cox

P.S. – Please forward this to every Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Tom Ziglar fan and advocate you know. This only happens every 20 years! Click Here (and bring your spouse, your teen, your team)!!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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