Words Have Supernatural Power

Words have supernatural, life-changing power. They can build up or tear down. They can be used for gossip or encouragement. They can start wars, end conflicts and bring you victory or defeat. Choose your words wisely because the words you speak have the power to shape your destiny!

  • Good point, Billy, but I felt you could have expanded on this. More, please!

  • gopika mohan


  • I agree! I wrote about this and mentioned Billy in a post I made this week! You can see it here, http://wp.me/s63Ect-words I think you will find it to be an expansion of this thought!

  • Thank you for sharing this with us, I must admit I was blessed by it. I take home this, “Watch what you say about yourself for it can become your reality.” I’m a burgeoning inspirational blogger at http://ObinnaOnyenali.com and would like to feature you in my blog to inspire my audience, sir.

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