Billy Enjoys Working With The Media

His “Straight Forward, Energetic” approach along with Real Life experiences are a refreshing change from what media professionals are use to. Simply put, Billy Cox is a leading sales authority and motivational speaker who brings energy and creates a very memorable experience for everyone involved.  Scroll down to see a few of them.

Television Interviews with Billy Cox

Short and Fun Media Clips
Billy Cox on Fox and Friends
Billy Cox on Fox 31
Billy Cox on Channel 9
Billy Cox on Pat McMahon Show
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Billy Cox on the Radio

Best selling author, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and success coach, Billy Cox has been a guest on over 100 radio shows. Here’s a few we thought you’d like.
Success DNASuccess DNA’s Wealth Talk America – Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton interviews motivational speaker and sales trainer Billy Cox. In this ten minute interview Billy and Garrett will sell you on Believing in yourself again.
Startup Story RadioStar up Story – Rob McNeely interviews keynote speaker Billy Cox. This in depth interview with best selling author Billy Cox will inspire you to get off the sidelines of life and into the game.
WVHU AMWVHU AM -Tom Roten interviews one of the world’s most energizing and inspiring speakers Billy Cox. In ten short minutes you will learn the power of perseverance. Author and Keynote Speaker Billy shares the importance of focus, how to get your dreams back, and achieve the result you desire.
Lisa Ferrari from Selling Power Live recently interviewed best selling author and sales trainer Billy Cox.  Jeffery Gitomer was the host of the show. You can now purchase that interview with sales trainer Billy Cox and Jeffery Gitomer along with several other good materials and interviews for only $6.95 by clicking here. The title of his interview is “All-Star Motivation with Billy Cox.”

Behind the Book… Billy Cox Podcast

Listen to the Billy Cox Podcast interview where he explains The All-Star Sales Book. This podcast was provided through Greenleaf Book Group. In this interview, Dallas based keynote speaker, Billy Cox answers a list of questions for The All-Star Sales Book.DownloadFull Version – 22 minutes (16mb)Short Version – 4 minutes (2mb)

Billy Cox in Print

The following are some of the best articles by motivational speaker and best selling author Billy Cox. Here are a few of the interviews and book recommendations about Billy Cox that are in print.
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Billy Cox Book RecommendationNational Business AssociationBilly Cox on

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