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Welcome to 2011

Will this be your year?  Are you prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they arise? This months issue is about “Taking Control of Your Dreams in 2011.” One way you can start immediately is to Join and participate in our Facebook page discussions where we share life changing, Business Building ideas and strategies. So let’s get started Taking Control. This is the last week that all of Billy Cox success products to be 20% off!

Take Control of Your Dreams in 2011

What dreams do you have for 2011? Or even betters, do you have dreams for 2011? It’s time to take control. The first step to taking control of your life and your dreams for the future is to accept responsibility for where you are right now. I can tell you for absolute certainty that you will never achieve lasting success if you don’t take complete responsibility for yourself and your life. Early in life I realized that no one was going to help me achieve my dreams and goals unless I helped myself first. If I was going to live my dreams it had to start with me- my attitude, my thoughts and my actions. I finally understood at a gut level, “If it is to be it’s up to me”. I discovered that this is the same type of realization that all successful people come to eventually. They reach to a turning point in their lives when they recognize that they are the only ones who can take control of their future. Sadly, there are countless people who spend their lives feeling sorry for themselves, blaming others for where they are at in life and what they don’t have. These people allow past events and circumstances to dictate today’s actions. You must realize the greatest determining factor in your future is that today’s actions equal tomorrows results. Where you’re going in your life is a product of your attitude, beliefs thoughts, actions and reactions to the challenges you face. The good news is, the more you accept responsibility for your life, the more powerful and confident you feel. Why? Because you’re in control! When you decide to stop blaming others and quit accepting your own excuses, you will see that you can create the future you desire. Print this Article: Take Control of Your Dreams in 2011

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