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Welcome to the New Year and a Super New Decade. How are you doing on your new years resolutions? Chances are, you have forgotten all about them and started to slip right back into the same old routines. NOT THIS YEAR! This newsletter is to design to prevent this from happening to you. The first article gives you the basic steps to “Make this your Super Decade.” The second article is very special because it covers the specific action steps to “Create Positive Lasting Change.” By implementing these steps you will see super natural results and positive change in all areas. To Your Super Decade… A Decade of Positive Lasting Change, Billy Cox

Make This Your “Super Decade”

It seems just yesterday it was the year 2000 and we were entering a new century. Now its 10 years later and we are entering a new decade. The media likes to promote fear. Ten years ago it was “Y2K” and now it’s the “Economic Crisis.” The reality is that the past decade was either good or bad depending on how we made it. The bottom line is that the next decade will be either good or bad depending on how we make it. Today, I want to challenge you to make the new decade your “SUPER DECADE.” As we enter this brand new decade full of hope and opportunity, it is important to know that opportunity does not mean automatic success. There will be ups and downs along with setbacks and comebacks. You can increase your chances of success by… Continue Article: Make This Your “Super Decade”

Positive Lasting Change

Change is the big buzz word in today’s society. It’s on television, blogs, and every magazine. Preachers talk about it, late night infomercials sell you on it, and Politicians promise it. People attend seminars to change their habits, hire coaches to inspire change, and we’re always hearing about the latest book that instructs us on how to change and why we should do it. Think about it – In the business world, companies spend billions of dollars investing in change for the future. They hire “Change Gurus,” and “Motivation Specialists” to light a fire in their employees so they accept change within the organization. Companies invest in their employees and the expected result is for them to embrace change. Business owners, leaders, and managers spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to get employees to change their actions. Here’s my question, if change is so important and everyone knows it’s needed and; everyone says they want it; then why is it so hard to change? Why do very few people succeed in transforming themselves to achieve the desired results? Continue Article: Positive Lasting Change

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