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Welcome to Game Plan 2009. I trust you have made some resolutions and you are staying faithful to them.

Did you listen to my “Best Year Ever” audio program I gave you in December? Have you filled out your free e-Dream Book that you downloaded from my website? If so, I know you are committed to making 2009 great. If not… there’s still time. You can access your free copy of my audio program and e-Dream Book by clicking here. I am committed to helping MAKE 2009 YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Every newsletter will include useful tips along with the inspiration you need to keep you clearly focused on your goals and on target to reach and even exceed them. The video of the month is my interview with AZTV in Arizona. You never know what to expect when you’re interviewed on television. However, I think you’ll find this particular interview to be fun, interesting, and informative. I also included a short bonus video “Good Better Best”. Let’s get started!

Small Differences…

To improve your performance

Rise and Shine

In today’s uncertain times, I constantly hear people gripe about how “business is slow, nobody’s buying” and “everybody’s cutting back.” I also have a lot of people ask, “What can I do to ignite my sales and move my business in a positive direction.” The answer I give them is simply this “People are still buying; they’re just not buying from you. If you want to start selling again you have got to Rise and Shine.” For too long, many salespeople and business owners have been on the proverbial “gravy train.” Supply was less than demand and people got away from effective business basics. Salespeople forgot to sell and business owners forgot the meaning of customer service and flat out hustle. Besides, why should anyone hustle when business is lined up?

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Hot Sales Tips…

To earn the big bucks

How to Find the Right Coach

Any superstar athlete will tell you that you gotta find the right coach. Studies have shown that having the right coach or mentor can make all the difference in your performance. You can, and should, do the same thing. Every avenue of life has its superstars. Seek them out. Spend time with them and ask them questions. Find out how they became so successful. You may be wondering how to find the right coach. My first recommendation is that you have different mentors and coaches for the different aspects of your life. Some of them may have the attributes you admire in physical health and vitality. Some might be experts in marketing and management, while others have exceptional interpersonal skills.

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How to make more money in sales

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My Commitment

Small differences separate superstars from average performers. Each month I am committed to bring you those differences in new ways that will help you improve performance and get results.

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