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Your Difference Maker

Athletes and teams don’t win championships unless each individual wants to win so fiercely that he or she would do just about anything to make it happen. The same is true for each of us — if we’re going to win our “championship,” we have to commit ourselves to do whatever it takes to ensure victory. Deep inside of most of us, there is a desire to win. Unfortunately, many people lose that desire somewhere along the way. Maybe they’ve faced so many failures they’ve convinced themselves they will never win. Or perhaps they just don’t have enough reasons to motivate themselves. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with thousands of people from every walk of life, and one of the questions I am asked on a consistent basis is, “HOW DO I GET THIS BURNING DESIRE TO WIN?” The key is to focus on the one thing you want so desperately that you will move heaven and earth to get it. When you want something—I mean really, really want it—there is a reaction that goes off inside you that says, “YES!” The energy that is released in that moment of desire creates one of the most powerful and magnetic forces in the universe. So, ask yourself, “Of all my dreams and goals, which one is the most important . . . what do I want more than anything in the world?” Stop right now and jot down your answer. Next, write down all of the reasons why achieving this goal is a must. The “whys” will wake you up early and keep you up late. The whys will give you purpose, passion, and power. When you know the reasons why you work you will get a burning desire that will propel you to go the extra mile. Lastly, mentally link achieving the goal to your career. Make your products and services your tool, your method, to achieving your heart’s desires. This will motivate you to do whatever it takes and it will be THE DIFFERENCE MAKER IN YOUR PERFORMANCE. To Your Success, Billy Cox Print this Article: Your Difference Maker

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