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Today, Tuesday February 16th at 11:00AM CST I am the special guest on a FREE webinar “DECLARE YOUR GOALS AND MAKE THEM HAPPEN.” If you are a newsletter subscriber use the following link: If you miss the live version go to (after 24 hours) for the link to view later. Make Today Supernatural, Billy Cox

How’s Your Hope-O-Meter?

A Dose of Hope: Part One

How is your hope-o-meter? When you think about your future what how do you feel? Do you wake up each and ever day feeling great. Do you have a positive expectancy for you’re future? Do you feel alive and vibrant like you’ve got the whole world in front of you like you’re on top of your Game and unstoppable? Or, have you been feeling a little down and out? Kind of like you’re stuck in a rut. You’ve been going through the motions but feeling a little hopeless like things will never change? Unfortunately, in today’s economic environment, the latter is seems to be the beating pulse of the general population. Politicians have promised it and hope almost comes with a negative connotation because of it. The Truth is, most people feel stuck in a rut like they’re running down a dead-end street with no end in sight. If that’s the case you may need a Real Dose Of Hope. Not this pie in the shy stuff but something that comes from within, a hope that will drive you and motivate you to make the new Decade you best Decade ever. Think about it, without hope we have nothing. Without hope we can’t get motivated. HOPE is the single most powerful motivating factor in the world. Maybe you’ve put your hope in the promises of other people that have let you down, because they did not live up to their end of the bargain. We have all done this at some point in our lives we have been let down. Maybe you got a de-motion instead of a pro-motion therefore your e-motion has been no-motion. Too many times we have let current situations turn our faith into fear. And, if we’re not careful, it can do great damage to us emotionally, this can cause us to lose our hope and feel there’s no way out. Too many times we let our disappointments (Current and past) get us down and cause us to give up on our dreams for the future. We can go to the doctor, we can take every kind of pill in the world to make us feel good, but the greatest Dose of feel-good is having hope for the future. Print Article: How’s Your Hope-O-Meter?

Power in the Present

A Dose Of Hope: Part Two

If we don’t have hope in the future we cannot have power in the present. Hope will give you the power to wakeup early and the passion and ambition to make it through life’s challenges (weather the storms) and achieve the ultimate victory. You’ve got to believe that no matter what today’s current challenges may hold that your time is coming. To accomplish this you have to wakeup every day expecting good things to happen. You have to step up your faith and start believing. If you don’t believe you live a life of discouragement and despair and you will talk yourself out of living the life you desire. Hope is simply believing that your dreams will come to pass Today, I want to encourage you to get your dream back. There is hope. Setbacks are only temporary and designed to refine you and mold you and make you into what you are destined to become. Get your hopes up. Press on toward your ultimate prize. Believe that the next decade is going to be your Super Decade … A Decade of Hope. Have Faith that every dream you have for your life can and will come true. Everyday you have to wake up, put your shoulders back, look in the mirror, and tell yourself “I will not be denied. Today is my day and anything is possible.” Tell yourself that “I’m going to make it happen, I will never settle for less than my very best.” Everyday you have a choice. You can choose to tell yourself such things as, “I don’t have the talents or abilities, I don’t have the time or resources, and I don’t have the support of those around me?” Any old excuse will do and you will live a negative self-defeating life. Your hope-o-meter will be running on empty. Or, you can fill your life with hope and positive expectancy. You can choose to have an attitude of faith and believe as I do that the best is yet to come and success is waiting. Your Hope-O-Meter will be overflowing. Print Article: Power in the Present

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