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Welcome to all our new members. This is an exciting month and we’ve got something special for all our readers. I am this months Special Guest on Zig Ziglar’s Success 2.0 webcast. The title of the webcast is none other “You Gotta Get in the Game”. If you’ve never heard me speak live or if you just need to be re-energized Sign up now for Free. Time & Date: March 23, 8:00pm – 9:00pm CST You will learn:
  • How to Achieve your Goals and dreams fast.
  • How to Use Teamwork to bring increased productivity and synergy.
  • How to Overcome lifes challenges.
  • How to Guard your mind from the negative influences.
  • How to Think like a winner.
  • How toGain and maintain a competitive advantage at home and work.
  • How to Lead with clarity and vision.
You will also learn the Small Differences that Separate Superstars from Average Performers and how the mental aspects and mental toughness usually mean the difference between winning and losing. Sign up now for a limited number of free spots available. Sign up now then Proceed And Succeed, Billy Cox

Proceed and Succeed

We all face disappointments and setbacks. Everyone has times in their life where they ask themselves such questions as “is it all worthwhile,” “am I really on the right path” and “if so, why is it so hard?” These are not ordinary moments … these are your destiny-defining moments. These are moments where the decisions you make determine the path you take which will lead you to your ultimate destination. So when you find yourself at one of life’s crossroads ask yourself these three questions:
  1. Do I love what I do? An old cliché goes, “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life” No one loves everything about what they do. However, you must love the core cause, the mission behind what you do if you expect any lasting success.
  2. Do I have the talents to succeed at it? This is a good question because you may love what you’re doing but have no chance at ever being successful at it. If you don’t believe me just watch American Idol. You must be brutally honest with yourself when you ask this question. You must also solicit the opinions of people you trust who will be brutally honest with you.
  3. Does what I’m doing offer me the potential to achieve my social and economic goals? You may love what you do and have the talent to do it, but there’s no potential in it. An example is Will Smith trying to sell high-powered X-ray machines in The Pursuit of Happiness. That would almost be like trying to sell high-powered fax machines or starting a new automobile company today. What you’re doing must have opportunity and potential.
If you answered “NO” to any of these questions you need to do as we say in Texas: ”Dismount a Dead Horse.” Change directions as quickly as possible. Find something you love to do that has potential and that brings your talents to light. If you answered “YES” to all three questions, chances are you’re just in a lull. Or, as Seth Godin says, you’re in The Dip. These life-altering moments are when you must Proceed and Succeed. Remember that most of life’s greatest victories are just inches away from life’s biggest setbacks and there’s always a way if you’re committed. This is the time to keep your eye on the target, turn up the heat and keep pressing onward toward the prize. If you’ve experienced setbacks you may have to analyze the situation and try a different strategy. You may have to get creative and think out of the box. Remember that Colonel Sanders was told “No” over 1,000 times before he sold his first piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Walt Disney was rejected over 300 times by bankers who thought his idea of Mickey Mouse was absurd. Thomas Edison found over 10,000 ways that didn’t work before he invented the electric light bulb. And, FedEx only shipped 4 packages their first day. So, as long as you have talent and passion mixed with potential, you can proceed confidently, knowing that you will succeed because you are on the right path and victory is ahead. Print Article: Proceed and Succeed

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