Gameplan – 03/24/09

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Uncertain Times

We live in the midst of uncertain times. The media cripples us with doubt and fear. We feel immobilized so we retreat because we don’t know what to do.

This is not the hour to retreat. This is not the day or hour for fear and intimidation to cripple us. Now is the time for us to step up to the plate and lead an emotionally charged, physically challenging, spiritually fulfilling, and economically prudent life. Now is the time to Make a Comeback!

Inspirational Insights…

My take on current events

Make a Comeback

We all face disappointments and setbacks. Life is full of times when we get knocked down. Too often we are tempted to just sit there and settle for less than our very best. But if we are going to achieve our full potential we’ve got to bounce back mentally. Lance Armstrong overcame incredible odds to become a seven-time Tour de France (the most prestigious race in cycling) champion. In 1996, although he had never won the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong was the number one ranked cyclist in the world. But in October of that year….. Full Article: Make a Comeback

Small Differences…

To improve your performance

People With Dreams and Goals

People with dreams and goals succeed because of one primary reason: They know where they’re going. In any game, you must determine what winning means to you — you gotta define success and you also have to determine what it will take to win. Think about it: a marathon runner has to know where the finish line is and the path to get there to win the race. A runner must develop a winning strategy that includes proper training, nutrition, hydration, pace setting and overcoming race-day obstacles. A runner must also know when to attempt to overtake the other competitors to get in a position to win….. Full Article: People With Dreams and Goals

Believe it’s Possible

Once you have a dream and know why you are working for that dream, now it is time to build your belief. Belief is the feeling of certainty about something, or the feeling of certainty that something is going to happen. Whether you realize it or not, beliefs control the world. They cause nations to go to war. They cause people to get married and divorced, they determine the car you drive and the physical shape you are in. They also determine whether you succeed or fail at anything you try….. Full Article: Believe it’s Possible

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