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Leading From the Front

I recently read an article where a “sales leader” made a statement that began with the words “Back When I Used To Sale.” As Art Williams would say, “That was Double Dumb.” Too many leaders have an attitude that say’s, “Do what I say, not what I do.” Albert Einstein explained, “Setting an example is not the main means of influence; it’s the only means.” The manager who wrote this article might want to grab a sales kit and go beat the streets and see what the real world is about now days. He might also want to realize that a true leader never stops selling. The day I quit selling is the day they put me to rest. Until then, you can count on me to sell somebody something. I may sell Hope, I may sell the dream, and I may sell you on you. I may sell that latest strategy, idea or technique or I may sell products and services. But you can bet I’m gonna sell and I’ll also help my team win. You can also bet that I’m not gonna tell you how we did it in the 80’s. Here’s three questions a leader must constantly ask: 1) “Am I setting a good example?” 2) “Am I following my own advice?” 3) “What can I do to be a better example as a leader?” Remember, writing an article about “Back When I Used to Sale” or telling somebody to do something you’re not willing to do yourself is not going to inspire many people. John Maxwell says: “A Leader is one who KNOWS the way, SHOWS the way and GOES the way. A manager says ‘GO’, a Leader says, ‘Let’s Go’.” If you’re consistently leading from the front with your decisions and daily actions, if you listen more than you speak, ask more than you tell and practice what you preach… then others will follow. Yes, “The speed of the leader still determines the speed of the crew.” Let’s Go! Billy Cox Print this Article: Leading From the Front

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