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Inspirational Insights…

To enhance your competitiveness: My take on current events

Fox and Friends Interview and Book Tour Conclusion

I just completed a six week media tour promoting The All Star Sales Book. I appeared on countless radio shows did ten book signings and quite a few television interviews. Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to be asked to do an Interview on Fox and Friends. Everyone at Fox was awesome. I had a great time and the response has been incredible. You may view this interview by clicking here. The most exciting part is I have met an incredible amount of nice people who are hungry for something new and fresh. I am finding that NOW, MORE THAN EVER, people need a big shot in the arm to get them going. Many salespeople, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs have told me that The All-Star Sales Book has re-energized them and caused them to look to the future with hope and new confidence.

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To earn the big bucks

Recession Proof Your Sales

With all the economist predicting doom and gloom many individuals have asked me what I feel they can do to recession proof their sales. I believe that success is a mental game and the future is much greater than anything we may have experienced in the past. The economy may be a little down but it’s definitely not out and billions of dollars are exchanging hands each and every day. However, whether it’s real or imagined, recession is something we have to deal with mentally and physically. So, here is my take. To recession proof your sales you’ve got to use both defensive and offensive strategies.

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Small Differences…

To improve your performance

Expect Victory

Do you wake up in the morning thinking, “This is going to be a lousy day” or “Nothing good ever happens to me”? If you have an important presentation to make, do you tell yourself, “I don’t have a chance at closing this sale”? If you routinely think this way, how does your day turn out? Do you make the sale? I’d be willing to bet you get exactly the results you expected. Winners wake up every morning with excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence, knowing that success is in store for them. Top performers set their minds for victory; they set their minds for success.

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