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The biggest reason most people don’t take action is a lack of confidence. Confidence is the feeling that you have what it takes to accomplish whatever task you set out to perform.

We’re all born with some degree of confidence, but as the years go by, our confidence gets squashed. We hear discouraging words like “no,” “you’re too young,” “you’re too old,” “you’re too slow,” “you’re not smart enough.” And if we hear these negative words often enough, we can easily start using them when we talk to ourselves, hurting our confidence even more.

We also lose confidence as we face life’s struggles and challenges — personal or business failures, bankruptcies, getting fired or laid off, failing to achieve important goals. Whether they are within our control not, they can all negatively affect our confidence. The bottom line is that most adults struggle with a lack of confidence every day.

So how can you regain this lost self-confidence once again? You gotta take action! Most people are waiting for some great magical boost of confidence before they take action. However, it works just the opposite.

Here’s a simple formula I use when teaching people how to gain more confidence:

Action → results → success → confidence → action

If you will just take action, eventually you will get some results. Lots of positive results will give you some success. Success will create more confidence. Greater confidence will lead to more action, and the cycle will continue. But it all starts with action.

Of course, learn from your results, make slight adjustments and take more action!

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The Real Connection With Prospects

Most salespeople don’t understand the psychology behind selling; they fail to identify the customer’s real needs and build value in their products or services. In addition, they have a hard time motivating themselves to do the small things that are necessary to create lasting results.

If your approach to sales is to dazzle the customer with brilliance or to baffle them with your latest “power close” — and convince them that they are wrong and you are right — then you are never going to perform at the highest level.

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