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This month was a record for individuals signing on to receive our monthly newsletter. Our goal is to give you the insights that will make a big difference in your performance and income. Here’s a few announcements. Lisa Ferrari from Selling Power Live recently interviewed me. The interview went extremely well and you can now purchase that interview along with several other good materials and interviews for only $6.95 by clicking here. The title of my interview is “All-Star Motivation” and I highly recommend getting a copy. Several months ago, I published one of the best articles I have ever written entitled “The Greatest Depression.” This article has received a lot of attention. Several e-Zines including National Business Association have published my article. It was also voted article of the week on Since we have so many new subscribers, I have included my article in this month’s newsletter. If you have read it before, I challenge you to read it again and pass it on to everyone on your team. Finally, I also had another article article entitled “Preparing Yourself for the Big Sale” published in the Top Sales Experts e-Book. You can get a free copy of this book by clicking here. Enjoy this month’s newsletter and make the second half of 2008 your best ever.

Inspirational Insights…

To enhance your competitiveness: My take on current events

Make the Second Half… Your Best Half

As unbelievable as it sounds, the first half of 2008 is over. When you started the year you set important goals to reach. If you are on target to achieving your goals, A VERY SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS! If not, it is very important to determine exactly why you are not meeting your goals. Then, even more important, take specific action steps to make certain that your time, talents and abilities are properly focused on the results you desire.

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Hot Sales Tips…

To earn the big bucks

Believe in Your Product

Selling is only a transfer of belief; it’s simply helping others believe the same way you believe about a product or service. In the world of professional selling, YOU are the message. Before a consumer decides to buy, he or she must buy into you. For someone to buy into you, they must feel you have congruency. In other words, they are judging you not only by your words, but by your actions, attitude, posture, facial expressions, voice inflections, etc. They are sizing you up to see if you really care about them and if you believe what you are saying.

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Small Differences…

To improve your performance

The Greatest Depression

The economy is bad. Nobody is buying homes. The recession’s coming. Every time you turn around Economists predict doom and gloom. That’s enough to get you into a great depression, if you let it. The reality is ‘Negative news sells’ and way too many sales people, business owners and leaders believe that the “sky is falling” and eventually it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. If you think about it, one of the worst situations for your peace of mind is to hang around negative, depressed salespeople, business owners, and leaders.

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Small differences separate superstars from average performers. Each month I am committed to bring you those differences in new ways that will help you improve performance and get results.

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