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Our New Format

This month’s newsletter is designed in our new condensed format that is more reader friendly. In today’s fast paced society, less is more. This newsletter is about “Choosing not to Participate” in recessionary thinking and choosing to participate in activities that promote success.

The featured video is very special to me for it contains a short presentation given by my wife Susan to about 500 people entitled “It Is What It Is.” She did a fantastic job of explaining how to overcome many of life’s adversities. Moreover, she told the audience to quit saying “Why me?” and she encouraged such action as picking yourself up and getting back in the game. There are other videos on my YouTube site, some I just uploaded, so why not subscribe for free while you are there. FYI, I will present a nationwide “Get in the Game” webcast with Zig Ziglar Corporation in November. I will send you the details on how you and your team can participate for FREE very soon.

Choose not to Participate

I recently spent a fantastic weekend with a couple of top producers from a large insurance company. Their business is way up in a down economy. As a matter of fact, they just experienced a record quarter in sales and recruiting. I asked them how they managed to produce record results. They responded by saying “we choose not to participate.” I’ve found this attitude to be true with top producers in all areas. While many people predict doom and gloom and some salespeople look for every excuse in the book to produce less, the top performers choose not to participate. Those who choose not to participate turn off the evening news and feed their mind with positive uplifting thoughts. They understand that their attitude determines their altitude. Sure, they have as many challenges as anyone else. They have objections to overcome and rejections to deal with. So what do they do? They work a little harder and a little smarter. They reinvest in themselves and their knowledge and future. They attend seminars to sharpen their skills and network with empowering people. They choose what and who they listen to and the words they speak. They think winning thoughts and when someone asks them how they are breaking records in recessionary times they simply reply

“Recession…. Oh, we choose not to participate in it”

The key word is “CHOOSE.” Because success is a choice, you can choose what you read, what you listen to, who you hang around with, and how hard you work. Zig Ziglar says “You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be and do in the tomorrows of your life.” Read Full Article: Choose not to Participate

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