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This was an exciting month with another record number of new subscribers. Today’s world is fast paced. In this ADD, microwave, push a button and you’re there society, it’s imperative that our message is on target and to the point. My goal is to give life changing information that makes a difference… FAST.

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Inspirational Insights…

My take on current events

A New Beginning for Your Dreams

Gas is high! Sales are down! The economists predict doom and gloom and the media hypes the negatives. When this happens it’s easy for us to get caught up and let our attitudes slip downward. In times like we’re experiencing now, I’ve learned that we need to take a step back and say “enough is enough” and give our dreams a new beginning. A dream is something that captures your heart. It ignites your passion and fills you with hope. Our dreams are often about and achieving great things. They are pictures we have of our lives in the future that will be greater than the past.

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Hot Sales Tips…

To earn the big bucks

The Power of Numbers

To achieve success in business, sales and life, you must play the numbers. The salesperson who sales the most is usually not the best salesperson. Here is how it works: If you are a salesperson and on average, for every 20 people you see 5 buy, then your closing ratio is 25 percent. Once you know your average, it’s easy to determine what you have to do to achieve a certain goal. If your goal is to close 50 sales, you know you need to get in front of 200 people. It is true that you will never know which 5 out of 20 people will buy; but if you understand the law of averages, you don’t give up if the first 5 don’t buy or even the first 15 don’t buy! Salespeople often ask me how they can increase their income. I explain to them that the fastest way to increase their income is to increase the number of qualified prospects they spend time with. Even if everything else stays the same (your skills, your averages, etc.), if you will double the number of qualified prospects you see, you will double your sales income.

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Small Differences…

To improve your performance

Three Steps to Change Anything

To succeed in today’s ever-changing world, there is no such thing as status quo. We live in a consumer savvy, knowledge-based, microwave society. Today’s consumers can push a button and have information at their fingertips, and business in general is conducted at the speed of thought. If we want an edge in today’s marketplace, we must embrace change. You may be asking, “Why should I change? My life is great.” Remember, the old adage, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got.” Well, that’s just not true anymore. If you keep doing exactly what you have been doing in the past, you may not even be in business a year or two from now.

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Small differences separate superstars from average performers. Each month I am committed to bring you those differences in new ways that will help you improve performance and get results.

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