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What’s Your Favorite “F” Word?

I recently sent a Tweet out on Twitter where I made a statement that said: “There are 7 F’s that I am thankful for: 1) Faith; 2) Family; 3) Friends; 4) Fun; 5) Food; 6) Fellowship; 7) Freedom” Then I said, “What ‘F’ are you thankful for?” I was absolutely amazed at the amount of responses I received back. Here are a few that I want to share with you. “Friday Night Football; Fall Football; Fruit Cocktail; Foreigner; Fuddruckers; Funnel Cake; Fairs; Free Enterprise; Final Four; Flex Fuel & Fruit Loops.” Someone else said, “Add Fantastic in front of all the F’s,” which I thought was interesting. One reply said, “French Fries.” Then someone responded. “French Fries are Fattening Food.” I responded, “Yeah but without French Fries we would all eat mashed potatoes.” Someone else said, “Let’s not forget God’s creatures with Fins, Feathers and Fur,” which I thought was neat and also true. Out of all the “F” words, my favorite isForgivenessI recently read an article that stated that people could reduce up to 70 percent of all stress if they could just learn to forgive. This means to forgive our self and others. My late and dear friend Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once stated, “The only way to find freedom is through forgiveness.” By sending out this tweet with 7 ‘F’s’ that I am thankful for…the law of reciprocity kicked in. The law of reciprocity says, “If you put it out there it will come back to you.” Within 2-days, I had three different people calling me, writing me, and telling me why they were thankful for something I had done to help or influenced them in their life. Even more proof that this law works is when I turned 42 on the same week as my “Tweet.” My family and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Before we ate dinner, my wife Susan said, “We all have something that we want to tell you.” Then, each family member commenced to tell me one reason they were thankful for my being their father or husband. Needless to say it was a very magical moment and I will always remember the power of the law of reciprocity. And finally, a few days later, I received a delayed tweet that said, “I am thankful for the Future.” I tweeted back, “Me, too!” Yes, today is the First day of Forever. It really doesn’t matter what happens in the past, all that really matters is what we do now, today and for the Future. Legendary College Football Coach, Lou Holts, says happiness is nothing more than having a short memory. We’ve all done things that we regret. As Tony Soprano says, “Fuhgettaboutit.” Now lets all have a Fantastic Finish for the Final quarter! Print the Article: What’s Your Favorite “F” Word?

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