Gameplan – 12/07/10

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It’s hard to believe that 2011 is here. The last few years have been a GIANT WAKE-UP CALL. Reality has set in. No one’s going to step in and instantly make your life better! It’s times like these than many people start to question their dreams. The two short articles this month are designed to help you find out if your Dream is real and How to MOTIVATE yourself to achieve it. To help you launch into 2011 with momentum, all Billy Cox success products are 20% off!

Know Your Dream is Real

One of the most common questions I’m consistently asked is “How do I know my dream is real?” This is an excellent question. Here are my Top Ten Ways. You know your dream is real if:
  • You are willing to go out and fight for it.
  • You are willing to work day and night for it.
  • You are willing to give up your time, peace and sleep for it.
  • You are willing to relentlessly plan for it.
  • You are willing to take great risks for it.
  • You are willing to face your fears and opposition for it.
  • You are willing to help others in the process of achieving it.
  • You are willing to persevere through many rejections for it.
  • You are willing to raise your bar and raise your standards for it.
If you are willing to take the above 9 actions and …if (#10) you can’t go a day without thinking about IT, then… you know YOU DREAM IS REAL. GO FOR IT! Print this Article: You Know Your Dream is Real

How to Motivate Yourself

Are you MOTIVATED? If so, for how long?

MOTIVATION is something that even the best in the world struggle with at some point in life. Lack of MOTIVATION can cost us friends, sales, and even the ultimate success we desire. To maintain lasting MOTIVATION we must be intentional with it. To be intentionally MOTIVATED we must learn to recognize when we are UNMOTIVATED and then intentionally force ourselves to do the things that will MOTIVATE us. Think about this. If we learn to recognize our thinking has become negative and we intentionally read a good book, listen to an inspiring audio, or call a “positive” friend/mentor… chances are our level of MOTIVATION will increase. Or, if we are overweight and we intentionally start an exercise routine and eat properly… we’ll feel better. Even though we may not “want” to do these things we must “will” ourselves to do them anyway. Why? Because once we take the necessary steps we will attain a MOTIVATIONAL breakthrough. To be intentional with MOTIVATION we must have clear goals and dreams that we are pursuing. Yes… we must be intentional with goal setting too. This means we must intentionally write down specific “goals” we want to achieve and a time targets for hitting them. We do this because having clear goals is an important part of getting and staying MOTIVATED. You may ask; “do I have to do this on bad days too?” In the words of legendary author of “In Search of Excellence” Tom Peters “Leaders aren’t allowed to have Bad Days… especially on Bad Days.” You see, ACTION doesn’t come from MOTIVATION…MOTIVATION comes from ACTION. Once we learn the good habit of being intentional with our consistent actions…MOTIVATION becomes a natural part of who we are. Can our motivation slip? You bet! However, when we learn how to MOTIVATE ourselves, we will know exactly what to do to get back on track and… WE’LL DO IT! Print the Article: How to Motivate Yourself

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