We have all been there: you create an amazing idea, put all of your time into it, and then doubt creeps in. You feel that your hard work amounts to nothing. It is very common to feel like this; it’s best described as a burnout. It is important to create systems in your life that help you push through your burnout and instead turn toward a success-driven mind.

Here are my top tips on how to stay motivated to overcome burnouts:

Do Your Hardest Task First

  • It is easy to push off the hard task and just focus on the smaller, easier jobs. When you do this, you begin to dread accomplishing the larger task. You will also begin to lose energy as you have been working on smaller, less stressful tasks throughout the day. It is crucial that you start your hardest task first when you are full of energy at the start of the day. This allows you to enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you have already accomplished your hardest task.

Find a Hobby

  • You need to give yourself time to recharge. This can be done by finding a hobby that you enjoy which gives you something to look forward to outside of work. It is important to create time in your schedule to do what you enjoy so you can avoid a burnout!

Learn to Say No

  • You are only one person, which means you cannot be everywhere at one time. Saying no does not mean you are a bad person, it means you are taking time to help yourself refresh. A well-placed no will help you in a variety of ways!

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