You have the ability to be a leader!

Can you lead?

You may think that you lack the capability to be a leader because you’re not “the boss” or because you do not have a leadership title. This notion is “old school”, from the old game and the old rules. This myth will hold you back and keep you from obtaining the success and significance you desire. John Maxwell says, “A manager says ‘go’, a leader says ‘let’s go.’” You need to believe in your own abilities in order to progress you to the next level!

In reality, a person’s position in an organization or on a team has very little to do with leading others. Some people think, “when I get to the top, then I’ll lead” or “when I get promoted, then I’ll act like a leader.” These people overestimate the importance of a leadership title. It’s not the title that makes a leader; it’s the ability to keep people focused and moving forward through challenges, adversities, and setbacks, as well as through good times and victories.

Can you lead? You bet you can. Titles may be granted. However, it’s the decisions you make and the actions you take that determine your ability to lead. And that’s your choice.

Let’s Go!

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