When I became an employer, I realized something that became a significant impact to me: I was influencing another individual’s financial and career success.

I did the only thing I could think of, which was to research. I bought books, magazines, and training courses on how to become an effective employer. The topics that I researched varied, but I knew I had many things to learn about employee management.


These two questions constantly came up in my mind:
How would I know what was right? Where could I find the answers?

As time went on in owning a business and managing my employees, I learned that I made the process more complicated that it needed to be.

You can spend countless hours researching, but it important that you start doing. Yes, it is important to learn from others who have owned a business before you, but most things are learned first-hand.  You will learn from your successes and failures. You will also learn from others’ successes and failures. A large part of leadership is about learning to adjust as you put things into action.

Remember there is no “right” way to lead or to live.  Instead there is a way that is right for you! You can certainly learn leadership principles from others, but, you cannot find a singular “right way” in a book; it is found by testing and trying new things.

Keep learning, reading, and trying new things in order to progress in your life and business!


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