Do you know the difference between amateurs and professionals?


The high achievers in business, sales, and life have plenty of goals and they know why they are working toward them. They are practicing delayed gratification. Additionally, they are sacrificing today by putting forth the extra hours and extra efforts so they can reap the rewards in the future.

The top professionals have reasons for working such as:

  • To win a contest
  • To buy a new home
  • To take a dream vacation
  • To be an impact player, make a real difference and leave their mark
  • To achieve excellence
  • To create a secure financial future
  • To fulfill a mission
  • To be known as a person who makes things happen

Knowing why you are working will:

  • Increase your belief
  • Give you drive and discipline
  • Give you the commitment to follow through

If you struggle in sales or any area of life, you don’t have enough reasons. The reasons will drive you, keep you going and give you that inside-the-gut burning desire that will wake you up early and keep you going late.

So, ask yourself, “Why did I choose this career and what do I want to accomplish?”

Next, ask yourself, “How important is it to me and how will it change my life when I do accomplish it?”

Once you have enough “whys,” your level of commitment will increase, you will become better, and you will start sharing your message with the world.

Shoot high in order to achieve your dreams!

What are some other examples of raising the bar for all? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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