Whether we realize it or not, everyone is selling something

If you want to achieve your full potential in life, you gotta sell. Your entire life is a continuous process of communicating, persuading, and influencing other people. Take it from Tony Jeary, who is known as the world’s utmost authority on speaking and presentations. In his book, Life is a Series of Presentations, he makes the case that the average person makes hundreds of presentations a day. Anytime you communicate with someone — whether it’s in business or at home, via email or face-to-face — you’re making a presentation. And each of these presentations can have an impact on your life and future.

I think anytime you make a presentation, you’re trying to sell someone on something, even if it’s as simple as selling someone on your idea or opinion.

Even athletes sell — star athletes sell style, skills, and showmanship. Through their performances, they sell people on the idea that they’re the best, and because of this, they create great excitement. Because people recognize them as winners, they want to buy the products they endorse and tickets to watch them play.

But a star athlete must also continually sell himself to himself to consistently perform at the highest level. If superstar athletes’ confidence slips, they lose their edge and their performance suffers.

Selling yourself is a critical factor that determines the level of success you will ultimately achieve and how quickly you will achieve it. You should network, market yourself, and get your name out there. When you promote yourself to others (in an appropriate way), more opportunities will come your way. Good things will happen to you because people will recognize you and your abilities.

When companies downsize, who typically stays? The people who have marketed themselves, their results, and their value to the company. Selling yourself is a universal need.

Selling yourself involves two steps: First, it means selling others on you and your products or services. But it also means selling you to you. You’ve got to believe 100 percent in yourself, your abilities, and whatever it is you represent. How can you sell others on you if you’re not first sold on yourself?

I’m not talking about having a big ego. I’m talking about totally convincing yourself that you are the best person for the job or that the person you’re exchanging with is getting a good deal. To sell to others, you gotta be sold on yourself and believe that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve success.

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