Early in my sales career, I was young, inexperienced, unfocused and constantly struggling to make ends meet, I felt sorry for myself. Then, one day, my sales manager pulled me aside and encouraged me to define and write down my dreams and goals. I did, and when I finished, I gave him a copy. He put the list of my dreams and goals in an envelope, sealed it, put it away, and we both forgot about it.

About five years later, that same sales manager found that envelope while he was moving offices. He opened it and then shared it with me. To our mutual surprise, I had accomplished every dream and goal I’d written down!

Those original dreams and goals were so big and audacious, they were almost ridiculous. Yet, in five years’ time, I had achieved them all. The amazing thing is that at the time I wrote them, I was living in a two-bedroom apartment, behind on my rent payments and flat broke. Five years later, I had a new home, a new car and was financially free – and these were the exact things I’d written down.

Today, I understand that the act of writing down those first dreams and goals made them possible in my mind and changed my entire mental state. I became highly motivated because I actually believed I could achieve them. I started reading good books and listening to coaches and mentors to gain more knowledge.

I set goals in my personal life and other areas of my business, which eventually launched my career. I created and followed a plan that affected my actions and my reactions, ultimately changing my life.

What are your big goals? Have you written them down? I’d love to hear from you.

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