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Billy Cox goes the extra mile to make your event a success Billy’s clients consistently say they would hire him again, because he made their event one of the best ever. Here’s what you can expect when you work with Billy: Customizes his message to your needs Billy works from his belief that preparation is the foundation for any achievement. Before your event, he:

  • Consults with you about your organization’s needs.
  • Quickly learns your critical issues.
  • Collaborates with you to create clear picture of the end result you need to achieve.
  • Customizes his message to your audience and event objectives.

Shares his business and life experience Building on his decades of experience, he can address a range of topics, such as:

  • What it takes to get the winning edge – in business and in life
  • Secrets of sales superstars
  • Management, leadership, and teamwork
  • 7 steps to change your life More on Billy’s presentation topics

Involves and engages participants Whether it’s a one-hour speech or an all-day seminar, Billy blends facts, inspiration, humor and conviction with audience participation. Billy understands what motivates people. Audience feedback consistently gives him top ratings for engaging attention, creating rapport, and getting people involved. People come away not only energized, but equipped with real takeaways and the confidence to begin applying them immediately. A session with Billy is truly an experience that will shift attitudes, inspire action, and help give your team the knowledge and momentum to make real changes and achieve results. Exceeds expectations Billy’s clients consistently say he delivers beyond expectations and provides real value for the time and money invested.



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